Amanda Seyfried

The new movie, “In Time” looks awesome but besides an amazing cast there is so much fashion eye candy!  The clothes look super sexy but classy with a modern twist.  The movie’s custom designer was, Colleen Atwood who did an amazing job!  I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future.

However, one of the most stylish parts of the movie besides the clothes was the hair. I love the bob hairstyle look that Amanda Seyfried and Sasha Pivovarova rock.  The hairstyle is simply stunning and looks super chic. Its amazing how this hairstyle has evolved from the 1920s and still looks super stylish today.  The best part about the bob hairstyle that Amanda and Sasha wore was they both were able to rock it to the max even with their their rounder faced frame. Some people with rounder faces including myself get a little unsure about having a bob hairstyle but with the right cut, angles, and layers one is able to rock it just like Amanda and Sasha. Here are some tips for choosing the right bob hairstyle and the looks from, “In Time”.

In Time Amanda Seyfried

(Above) Amanda Seyfried

In Time Sasha Pivovarova

(Above) Sasha Pivovarova

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